Landmark’s Areas of Expertise

We develop very close relationships with only a select few individuals, couples and families and then we closely manage their financial affairs in accordance with a mutually agreed plan.  This is the essence of the Landmark Principal Wealth Advisor approach.

Landmark Financial Management

Create Wealth

We will harness your cashflow, manage your debts, and make your assets work to deliver consistent long-term returns and reduce your tax.  This includes assisting with issues like:

  • Establishing and reviewing your loans and debt structures
  • Managing your cashflow
  • Developing the right asset allocation for you
  • Establishing and managing investments
  • Superannuation and retirement pensions
  • Tax planning and tax-effective investment strategies
Landmark Financial Management

Protect Wealth

We will plan for the unexpected such as death or disability, diversify your investment to reduce your risks, and ensure your assets are protected within appropriate structures. This includes assisting with issues like:

  • Life, disability, income protection and trauma insurances
  • Structural planning through superannuation, trusts and other entities to protect assets
Landmark Financial Management

Preserve Wealth

Our actions mean your wealth will benefit you throughout your life and be passed to your family and other beneficiaries tax-effectively.  This includes assisting with issues like:

  • Estate planning, testamentary trusts and enduring powers of attorney
  • Strategies for succession planning in small and medium enterprises including CGT Small Business Concessions
Landmark Financial Management

Enjoy Wealth

We will give you peace of mind that your affairs are well-ordered, that you are making the most of every opportunity, and that all your other advisors are aware of our actions so that you have the freedom to enjoy the future you want.

  • Comprehensive ongoing review covering all aspects of your financial life – so you can be confident that all your affairs are in order and on track
  • Liaison with other advisers to keep your whole strategy on track
  • You can contact us in regard to issues that arise at any time

If you feel our service would be of benefit to you, please contact us to schedule a meeting where we can discuss your personal situation and goals.

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