Our Clients describe Landmark in their own words

  • We are very pleased to have chosen Landmark to manage/plan our retirement requirements.

    Greg and Heather Wain
  • I started using Landmark's services after my previous financial planner left the industry. I'd had a good relationship with my previous planner, so I was pleasantly surprised when my Landmark advisor, Paul Little, and I got along so well.  He came across as honourable and efficient. Since then I've had good experiences with Landmark and I believe they are very trustworthy. Short of giving out free samples of money there's not much more I could ask of Landmark.

    Raymond Baynes
  • I would describe Landmark as low profile, efficient and exacting.  I trust them highly, I think their client service and technical ability are great. We're very satisfied with their services.

    Trevor Fraser
  • I find that the level of tailoring of my financial plan is just right at Landmark. They appreciate the goals that I have, and they have their feet on the ground.  When they make a recommendation, it's grounded in sense. If I need them, they're on the phone. When I visit them, I feel like I'm the centre of attention, and I don't feel rushed.  I don't feel like a number. That's good service in my book.

    Terry O'Hanlon Rose
  • They've been great.  We needed help in planning for retirement and consolidating our various investments into a single plan. They gave us the education we needed to feel comfortable with the strategies they recommended. We're on track for early retirement and we have a plan for post-retirement as well. Landmark have stuck with us through tough times and kept us in the best position to get through them.

    Barry Davis
  • Landmark really listened to what we needed to acheive right now and how to tailor the next step as we plan for our future. Their advice on all matters from financial management to life insurance allowed us to make informed decisions on our family's security. We would highly recommend their services to our friends and associates.

    Reese Deaves and Sarah Bennett
  • Landmark helped to make a daunting retirement financial transition process much lighter by supplying sound advice and providing active assistance to pull together all the different aspects of the agreed plan including consolidating numerous existing accounts, establishing & transferring monies into new accounts and applying for entitlements, benefits and concessions.

    David and Lesley Wooldridge
  • A great way to head into retirement.

    John and Phillida Imrie
  • We have been very satisfied with the services and advice provided by Landmark during theses difficult economic times.

    Clyde and Lynn Mitchell
  • Landmark can easily sum up your financial situation and can think of alternatives that you might not have thought of yourself. They take on board your comfort level and work within that. The result is an individualised plan. They are very personable and make you feel secure when you're telling them your most intimate financial details, which is a big thing. I appreciate the fact that I can call and get updates at any time. I can always speak to someone who knows my precise circumstances.

    Lou Kitzelman
  • Our goal in working with Landmark was to prepare well in advance and retire comfortably, not find ourselves in a sudden position of retirement with no money. We wanted a company with which we could see a long future, and Landmark fit that bill nicely. Our goals are coming to fruition and we've appreciated the support of Landmark through the bad times in the world markets. It's reassuring to hear their calm and measured advice when times are tough. They do the little things well. Plus they're not afraid to say "no" to you, which I really appreciate. At one point in time we wanted to borrow more and they said no and showed us how there wasn't a big benefit to doing so at the time. We've referred some of our friends to them, and will continue to do so.

    Monica and Steve McMillan
  • I am particularly grateful to Paul for his enormous help in not only sorting out my father's finances which had been neglected for some time, but methodically restoring order and growth to his portfolio.

    Meredith Baxter
  • The difference between Landmark and my previous advisors is in the way they tailor a strategy based around what I want in life and what I want my money to do for me. I really feel they listen and keep my goals in mind when they make their recommendations. I really like the continual follow-up I get from them.  They're very proactive. I'm looking forward to the future.

    Jamie Taylor
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